Trend Report Amazon sellers: marketplace insights, GMV data & top sellers

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Amazon's marketplace business is becoming increasingly important both in the global marketplace landscape and within the company. This is reflected in the fact that Amazon's share of third-party sellers has consistently increased in recent years. As a result, more and more sellers are selling on the Amazon marketplace. But which seller profile is the biggest on the Amazon marketplace? How is the turnover distributed among the top 100 seller profiles? This report answers these and other questions by combining exclusive insights from ecommerceDB and analyzing them in depth.

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Amazon sellers: marketplace insights, GMV data & top sellers
  • Pages: 69
  • Filetype: .pdf
  • Published: 2022
What's Included?:
  • Worldwide marketplace landscape
  • Overview of the Amazon marketplace
  • Seller landscape on Amazon
  • Top 100 seller ranking
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Table of Content

01. Report overview

02. Marketplace business

03. Amazon marketplace
  • Consumer perspective
  • Facts and figures
  • Amazon marketplace development
  • Commission model & fees
  • Sellers on Amazon
04. Seller landscape on Amazon
  • Approach
  • Sample GMV analysis
  • Top 100 GMV analysis
  • Domain analysis
  • Case studies
  • Top 5 seller profiles
05. Top 100 ranking

06. Appendix
The ecommerceDB Trend Report "Amazon sellers: marketplace insights, GMV data & top sellers" provides a comprehensive overview of the seller profiles selling on the Amazon marketplace. In addition, the report also shows the strong surge in growth and relevance that both the Amazon marketplace and Amazon sellers have experienced in recent years.

It presents significant and comprehensive data about:
  • the global marketplace business and illustrates Amazon's role in this dynamic environment
  • important facts and figures about the Amazon marketplace, the role of the Amazon marketplace in the company structure, and the consumer perspective on Amazon; this is complemented by information on the commission model and fees as well as the actual sellers on Amazon
  • the respective seller profiles and information about their GMVs and ratings on the Amazon marketplace; in addition, the top 100 seller profiles and the individual Amazon domains (e.g.,, are analyzed in detail, individual sellers are presented in case studies, and the top 5 are displayed in detailed profiles
  • the top 100 seller profiles on Amazon, including information on their rank, seller profile name, and GMV in 2021

The analysis in this report is based on exclusive data from ecommerceDB and other sources to provide a clear picture of the current status and projected developments.

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