Trend Report eCommerce in Europe 2021

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The eCommerce market in Europe is growing strongly and is expected to increase its revenue by 17% per year between 2019 and 2025. As the European market evolves, new trends emerge and market structures shift. This report not only describes market dynamics and top players on a European level, but further highlights similarities and differences between national eCommerce markets throughout the continent.

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eCommerce in Europe 2021
  • Pages: 85
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  • Published: 2022
What's Included?:
  • Consumers in Europe: consumer characteristics and behavior
  • The European eCommerce market
  • Top brands in Europe
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Table of Content

01. Introduction
  • Region snapshot: Europe
  • Facts about European eCommerce
02. Consumers in Europe
  • Online shopper characteristics
  • Online behavior
  • Online shopping
03. The European eCommerce market
  • Market size
  • Market structure
  • KPI analysis
04. European countries: country profiles

05. Top eCommerce brands in Europe
  • Top brands in Europe
  • Category insights
  • Top 5 brand profiles
With an average yearly revenue growth of 17% between 2019 and 2025, the eCommerce market in Europe is projected to continue developing strongly and surpass the milestone of US$1 trillion of eCommerce revenues by the middle of the decade.

Within the context of Europe’s growing market, this report takes a closer look at individual countries, top categories, and the strongest brands. A thorough analysis of 29 national eCommerce markets not only allows a deep dive into local top players and important KPIs, but also highlights the dominance of Amazon, especially in Western Europe. With a total of roughly US$53 billion eCommerce net sales in Europe in 2020, the tech company was able to generate more net sales than the following nine companies (including Tesco, Zalando, and Apple) combined.

The analyses in this report are based on exclusive data from ecommerceDB, the Statista Digital Market Outlook, and the Statista Global Consumer Survey.

ecommerceDB gives insights into more than 28,000 online stores in more than 50 countries, including detailed revenue analytics, competitor analyses, market development, SEA budget, and other interesting KPIs.

The Statista Digital Market Outlook presents up-to-date figures on markets of the digital economy and is available for more than 150 countries.

The Statista Global Consumer Survey gives insights into the minds of more than 700,000 consumers in 55 countries. It is an international survey that covers more than 6,500 brands across 55 different countries.

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