Country Report

eCommerce in the United Arab Emirates

Country Report

eCommerce in the United Arab Emirates

The eCommerce net sales of the top 100 UAE online stores accounted for about 2.66bn in 2022. heads the list of the top online stores by net sales in United Arab Emirates in 2022. Other large and prominent players on the UAE market are e.g.,, and The top 5 online stores in United Arab Emirates accounted for 49% of the net sales of the top 100 online stores in 2022. This report provides a comprehensive overview of the UAE eCommerce market including consumer insights, market trends, and top store analyses.

Study Details
eCommerce in the United Arab Emirates
  • Pages: 43
  • Filetype:.pdf, .xlsx
  • Published: 2024

Table of Contents

01. Key Facts about UAE eCommerce

02. UAE consumers
  • Online shopper characteristics
  • Online shopping
03. The UAE eCommerce market
  • Market size
  • Market structure
04. UAE online stores: top 100 analysis
  • UAE top stores
  • Category insights
  • Top 100 ranking
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The ECDB Country Report "eCommerce in United Arab Emirates" provides a comprehensive overview of the state of the Emirati eCommerce market regarding consumers, markets, and its top 100 online stores in 2022. It depicts significant and comprehensive data about:
• UAE online shoppers, providing detailed insights about their characteristics and shopping attitudes
• the UAE eCommerce market, including net sales developments and forecasts, as well as insights into the net sales distribution
• the competitive landscape in the UAE eCommerce market with key facts about the top players by UAE net sales in 2022, profound category analyses, and a full list of the UAE top 100 stores The analysis in this report is based on exclusive data from, Statista Market Insights, and Statista Customer Insights. gives insights into more than 35,000 online stores in more than 50 countries, including detailed revenue analytics, competitor analyses, market development, SEA budget, and interesting KPIs.

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