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The surge of online shopping throughout the last decade has also brought about changes in the way we pay. As more people buy online every year, online payment providers have assumed greater significance. Based on the analysis of 15,250 online stores throughout 40 countries, this report puts a spotlight on PayPal. In addition to giving an overview of the global online payment market and presenting key facts about PayPal, the 36-page report answers three key questions: How common are eWallet and PayPal payments among different countries, who are PayPal’s direct competitors, and what are the characteristics of online stores that offer PayPal payments?

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eCommerce Payment Provider: PayPal
  • Pages: 36
  • Filetype: .pdf
  • Published: 2022
What's Included?:
  • PayPal and eWallet market availability
  • PayPal's competitive environment
  • Store characteristics of the average store accepting PayPal payments
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Table of Content

01. Relevance & overview
  • Overview
  • Consumer behavior
  • Methodology
02. PayPal: portrait
  • Key facts
  • Fees
  • Performance
03. PayPal: an in-depth analysis
  • PayPal and eWallet market availability
  • Competitive environment
  • Online store characteristics
04. Appendix
With an average yearly revenue growth of 11.2%, the global eCommerce market is projected to continue growing and lead to an increasing volume of online payments. Online shoppers can choose from a variety of options to pay their online bills. Whereas credit and debit cards were once standard, recent years have given rise to a wealth of new payment possibilities, such as eWallets and invoice/installment (i.e., buy now, pay later) providers. On the highly competitive market, eWallets occupy second place for payment options in global eCommerce, with 74% of all online stores offering at least one eWallet payment provider on their website.

This report takes a closer look at PayPal – one of the leading eWallet providers. Our in-depth analysis not only provides detailed insights about the popularity of specific payment providers by country, but it also takes a deeper look into the nature of online stores that accept PayPal payments. Is the average store accepting PayPal payments small or large? Are PayPal payments more popular among fashion stores than stores selling furniture products? And how many stores that accept PayPal payments also allow customers to pay with Google Pay?

If you are looking to learn more about PayPal, this report will not only supply you with detailed information about the global online payment market but will also deliver tangible information about the characteristics of online stores offering PayPal payments.

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