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State of Digital Retail 2024

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The global eCommerce market has shown impressive growth over the last years and is expected to reach US$5 trillion in 2024. This extensive report examines the biggest trends and developments shaping the global eCommerce industry in 2024 covering three different perspectives on market growth, retailer diversification and the importance of new customers in the industry.

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State of Digital Retail 2024
  • Pages: 48
  • Filetype: pdf & xls
  • Published: May 25, 2024

What's included?

Over the course of 48 pages, the State of Digital Retail 2024 highlights the biggest insights and developments in the global eCommerce industry. The report offers an overview of the following aspects of the eCommerce market:

Global eCommerce Market 2024
  • An analysis of growth in the eCommerce market over the last years
  • Information on the countries with the fastest-growing eCommerce industry
  • Outlook on the biggest product categories
Global eCommerce Consumers 2024
  • Global eCommerce users and average revenue per user
  • Average order value, discount rate and return rate
  • Conversion funnel: add-to-cart rate, cart abandonment rate and conversion rate
Global eCommerce Retailers 2024
  • Net Sales and GMV of biggest stores and marketplaces
  • Online and offline sales by largest eCommerce companies
  • Growth outlook on the most important eCommerce players
  • Deep dive into Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart and PDD
All these data points and information enable us to offer you an unrivaled overall picture of the global eCommerce market and provide unique perspectives on a global industry.
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The $4.6 trillion digital retail market is home to many of the world's biggest companies such as Amazon, Apple and Walmart. Many of the largest retailers have seen a major shift towards digital business as a consequence of COVID-19. More than 50% of consumers are shopping online in 2024 representing a significant share of the global retail market. The continuous flow of new consumers has driven the eCommerce market to the highest revenue levels in history. The global eCommerce market is poised to cross the $5 trillion threshold for the first time in 2024. ECDB provides exclusive data on the overall market as well as consumers and retailers shaping the industry. Both historical data and forecasts are analysed and contextualized in a 48-page PDF report. It uncovers dynamics between key market players, but also provides in-depth insights into central market shifts, including the growing importance of Asian markets, the shift from first-party sales to marketplace business, and the growing importance of complementary services for companies. The State of Digital Retail combines the vast experience of our analysts with unique perspectives on the global eCommerce market. Our models are based on more than 42,000 stores and 10,000 major eCommerce companies. Comprehensive analysis summarizes current developments and extracts key insights, giving readers the market overview they need.
Table of content
Overall, the study offers an overview of the following aspects:
  • Market Size (Global eCommerce Market by Revenues)
  • Global eCommerce Growth Path
  • Revenues by Country and World Region
  • Revenues by Product Category
  • Digital Shopping Behaviour
  • Conversion Funnel and Transactional KPIs
  • Largest Retailers by GMV and Net Sales
  • First-Party vs. Third-Party Revenues
  • Shift to Marketplace Business by GMV
  • Diversification of Leading eCommerce Players

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