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eCommerce Trends 2024

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eCommerce Trends 2024

Key Benefits

In-depth analysis of the biggest eCommerce trends
Unique data on Artificial Intelligence, Social Commerce and AR
Extensive data on consumer behavior

What is included in the Whitepaper?

Read our ECDB Whitepaper "eCommerce Trends 2024" and see which trends are shaping the future of the eCommerce industry!

It showcases the most important technological advances like Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality, including revenue developments and market penetration rates, as well as data for the growing ReCommerce market. In addition to extensive forecasts, you will get an overview of the rapidly growing Social Commerce market and gain insights into the current state of the eCommerce subscription landscape.

Our large team of analysts combined with state-of-the-art technology offers everything you need for market analysis, partner and lead research, competitor analysis, benchmarking and much more.

Your All-in-one eCommerce Intelligence Solution

Complete → you get the full view across companies, countries, and categories.
Reliable → researched and built by real humans in Hamburg, Germany.
Convenient → we handle the complexity, you have a single data source that’s easy to use for your specific need.
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