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Schwarz Gruppe

Schwarz Gruppe is a company that is headquartered in Germany. Schwarz Gruppe is a company with nationally-focused eCommerce activity. Its eCommerce activity is concentrated mainly in Germany, with other countries, such as Spain, contributing only a small share to its overall results. With regards to the product range, the eCommerce platforms operated by Schwarz Gruppe are diversified, with products on offer that cover different categories, such as Fashion, DIY as well as Furniture & Homeware.

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Schwarz Gruppe: eCommerce analytics

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eCommerce activity revenue of Schwarz Gruppe

eCommerce activity revenue

in 2023


eCommerce activity revenue includes all gross first-party sales and/or third-party GMV generated on all online platforms operated by a company or its subsidiaries which are in-scope following the methodology of ECDB. Since the GMV of a company includes revenues generated by third-party sellers, and in some cases also returns, marketplace commission, and service fees (such as shipping costs), the eCommerce activity revenue can be higher than the company's total revenue.
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Schwarz Gruppe:
eCommerce activity revenue share by country

in 2023

Schwarz Gruppe:
eCommerce activity revenue share by category

in 2023
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