Magento is the no. 1 online shop software worldwide

29% of online stores listed on that are built on an eCommerce platform use Magento

An online store is not like any other website. Building a website that allows retailers to list their products and sell them to their customers digitally requires several specific features, like databases including product details or administrative information, a presentation system, payment interfaces, and more. While some retailers count on proprietary solutions to program their online stores, a substantial number of eCommerce players rely on platforms offered by third-party providers. In the past years, the landscape of online store software providers has become almost as diverse as eCommerce itself. The latest analysis of now reveals that the market of eCommerce platforms is highly fragmented, but on a global level, there is still a clear leader.

Magento is the no. 1 online shop software worldwide has analyzed almost all online stores listed in their database to find out which types of shop software are most commonly used for online stores. can now provide shop software data on more than 12,000 online stores in the database. On a worldwide1 level, Magento turns out to be the number one: 29% of all online stores where a shop software was identifiable run on a system provided by Magento. The number two in the list, Shopify, follows at quite a distance, with 8% of stores using the software. Shopware and Salesforce Commerce Cloud reach shares of 8% and 7%, respectively. Several other providers also compete in the market but play a rather minor role, with shares of up to 5.3%.

Top 10 shop software in Germany
The shop software landscape in Germany is quite different according to the analysis. Magento only takes second place, with 23% of online stores built on an eCommerce platform using the service. But it is still a strong competition to the German market leader Shopware, which has a share of 28% among all German stores covered by the ecommerceDB and for which shop software is known. Places 3 and 4 are taken by two players that play a minor role in the worldwide comparison, but reach substantial shares of 9% respectively 8% in Germany: Oxid and JTL-Shop.


1: Including countries covered by

Note: analyzed a total of around 23,000 online stores in its database. Information on shop software was found for 12,419 stores worldwide and 3,072 in Germany.

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June 2020