Growth champions in U.S. eCommerce

5 out of the 10 fastest-growing online stores in the U.S. in 2019 are active in the Fashion segment

When it comes to total net sales, eCommerce in the U.S. is dominated by a handful of big players: – the undisputed top dog – generated net sales of almost US$74 billion in 2019. Although ranks 2 to 5 in the list of the biggest eCommerce players by net sales are far from leading Amazon, the top 5 weigh heavy: Together they account for roughly one third of all eCommerce net sales in the U.S. The success of Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy and the like seems out of reach for smaller players, but when taking a closer look at growth rates, it becomes obvious that the recent developments of certain underdogs seems promising. While the 10 biggest U.S. eCommerce players registered 2018/2019 growth rates of just under 40% maximum ( did best among the top 10, with a year-on-year growth rate of 38%), many of the smaller players increased their net sales substantially between 2018 and 2019, some of them by more than 100%: is the 2019 growth champion and the only online store among the top 10 fastest-growing online stores in the U.S. that has the Food & Personal Care segment as its main eCommerce revenue source. The online store focusing on sustainable personal care and cleaning products increased their net sales by 180% between 2018 and 2019. Second-placed is active in the biggest U.S. eCommerce segment according to the Statista Digital Market Outlook – Fashion. It registered a year-on-year net sales growth of 151%. Four other stores in the 2019 top 10 growth champions ranking generate the bulk of their net sales in the Fashion segment: 4th-placed with a growth of 119%, 5th-placed with a growth of 106%, 8th-placed with a growth of 92%, and 10th-placed with a growth of 81%. and – in ranks 5 and 7 – are the growth champions that also did best in terms of total net sales in 2019: They came in 41st and 58th, respectively, in the ranking of the biggest U.S. online stores by net sales in 2019.


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October 2020