eCommerce: New Zealand

Online Consumer Behavior in New Zealand: Product Discovery & Customer Reviews

Every country has its own consumer habits. When it comes to eCommerce, what are the tendencies of online shoppers in New Zealand?

May 03, 2023


A survey conducted by Statista Consumer Insights sheds light on the attitudes of consumers in New Zealand towards online shopping.

According to the results, 60% of shoppers conduct online research before making major purchases, highlighting the importance of a strong online presence for businesses and the need to provide detailed product information. Furthermore, 56% of respondents find customer reviews extremely helpful, further pointing out the impact of consumer feedback on purchasing decisions.

Top Attitudes Towards Online Shopping in New Zealand, 2023

The survey also shows that 30% of shoppers favor express shipping, while 29% of consumers still prefer to see and touch products before making purchases, signaling a preference for in-store shopping experiences. Additionally, 28% frequently manage major new purchases directly through their smartphones or tablets, reflecting a significant adoption of mobile commerce.