Top Cross-Border eCommerce Stores

April 26, 2022

One of the biggest advantages of the internet in general, and eCommerce in particular, is that it knows almost no national borders. Consumers nowadays have access to a variety of products and distributors which is greater than ever, thanks to international eCommerce. Smaller countries which share language and cultural background with a strong economy next door – like Austria or Belgium – have tendentially higher cross-border eCommerce shares. In the strong western economies France, Germany, and the UK, consumers mainly search for cheaper prices or a more diverse product selection when they turn to online stores based outside their home countries. But on a global scale, which are the actual eCommerce players which are mostly addressed by cross-border shoppers? A recent survey conducted by the International Post Corporation identified the top destinations:

In their Cross-Border E-Commerce Shopper Survey 2021, conducted among more than 33,000 online shoppers from 40 countries across the globe, IPC helped paint a clearer picture of the international cross-border eCommerce customer. In their global overview, China was the most attractive country for cross-border shoppers: 35% of respondents across the 40 countries made their last cross-border purchase from a provider based in China. The U.S. follows at quite a distance with 14%. Still – the world’s top address for cross-border online shoppers is U.S. eCommerce giant Amazon. 26% of respondents interviewed by IPC stated that they made their last cross-border purchase from Amazon. Amazon was most popular among cross-border shoppers from Luxembourg, Austria, and India – more than half of respondents in these countries named Amazon as the address of their most recent cross-border purchase. The second most popular destination for global cross-border online shoppers is Alibaba / AliExpress: 19% of cross-border purchases were made from the Chinese tech giant’s online stores. Alibaba is an outstandingly popular shopping destination for online shoppers in Russia: 74% of Russian eCommerce customers made their last cross-border purchase from Alibaba. Rank 3 in the list of the most popular online stores for cross-border eCommerce is taken by eBay with a share of 10%, Wish is in rank 4 with 7%. Both Wish and Ebay lost shares compared to the IPC 2019 report, while Amazon extended their lead in several countries. Even though cross-border purchases have become a popular across the globe, with some countries registering substantial cross-border shares in their total eCommerce revenues, there is still a trend towards more domestic eCommerce, according to the IPC survey: 27% of respondents stated that they intended to buy much more from domestic e-retailers in the future.