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2006, operated by S.à.r.l., is an nationally-focused online store that generates eCommerce net sales primarily in France as well as in Belgium. With regards to the product range, achieves the greatest part of its eCommerce net sales in the “Fashion” category. Furthermore, products from the, “Toys, Hobby & DIY” category are part of the offer. The online store was launched in 2006.

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Company S.à.r.l.

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SRP Groupe

Net Sales Fiscal year: 01.01.2016 - 31.12.2016
Source: Annual report


Revenue analytics eCommerce net sales growth All net sales after deduction of returns generated by via a digital channel in 2017 and recent calender years (first party sales)
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Source: Statista analysis Marketshare and competitors in the Fashion Market in France In-depth analysis of this online store's most important countries: eCommerce net sales generated by are featured on category-level in comparison to the market and top competitors

In the Fashion market in France, generates US$500m - US$750m in 2017. Therefore, accounts for 0% - 5% of eCommerce net sales in the market. In regard to competitors, is ranked # in this submarket with , , and being the market leaders.

US$500m - US$750m

Net Sales in 2017,

in Fashion in France

Market share 2017:

in Fashion, France

Total market volume: Fashion in France

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Bank transfer
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Direct debits
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Bricks & Mortar
Catalog, Mail Order
Marketplace: Amazon
Marketplace: eBay
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