Amazon's Global First-Party Footprint

May 31, 2021


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Share has dived deeper into the Amazon universe with its 27 online stores in the database and analyzed Amazon’s first-party eCommerce net sales from a country perspective. The basis is an analysis of company net sales in the 55 countries in the country scope, in which, Inc. runs an active first-party business.

The United States is by far Amazon’s most important local market. From the global 2020 first-party eCommerce net sales total of US$197.3 billion, Amazon generated 58% in the United States. This corresponds to US$114.7 billion, generated from first-party eCommerce sales in Amazon online stores in the United States. Germany and the UK are Amazon’s second and third most lucrative markets, yet they are far from what the United States produce in net sales for Amazon. Both markets are responsible for about 8% of global sales each, Germany generating US$16.2 billion, and the UK US$15.2 billion. Japan follows rather closely, where US$12.5 billion or 6% of Amazon’s global first-party eCommerce net sales were generated in 2020. In ranks 5 to 8 follow Canada and three other European markets. Mexico is ranked 9th. Taken together, North America – including the United States, Canada, and Mexico – was responsible for a share of 63% in Amazon’s global first-party net sales in 2020. Europe is the second most important region for Amazon. The five most lucrative European countries for Amazon generated US$47.4 billion1 or a share of 24% in total global first-party net sales in 2020. India is in rank 10 of the most sales-heavy countries for the Amazon first-party business, with net sales of US$1.4 billion. Although Amazon is active across all other continents in several countries, the rest of the world is rather unimportant in terms of total net sales – the top 10 Amazon markets taken together generate 94% of global Amazon first-party eCommerce net sales. China – the biggest eCommerce market in the world by revenue according to the Statista Digital Market Outlook – is not among Amazon’s most important markets. Given that China has a well-rooted marketplace tradition with giant players like Alibaba and JD dominating the whole eCommerce sphere, Amazon’s first-party business has never really gained ground in the biggest global eCommerce market – Amazon’s first-party sales activities via were suspended in 2019.


1: Rounding differences may occur