eCommerce: Top Online Shopping Categories

Online Shopping in Saudi Arabia 2023: Fashion Dominates

Find out what Saudi Arabians are buying online in 2023: Fashion, Media & Consumer Electronics are the top categories.

January 03, 2024


Online Shopping in Saudi Arabia: Key Insights

  • Top 3: In Saudi Arabia, Bags & Accessories lead the online shopping trends, attracting over 50% of consumers.

  • Mid Tier: Tied in popularity, Consumer Electronics and Cosmetics & Body Care both see a 33% purchase rate among online shoppers, with DIY & Garden Products not far behind at 30%..

  • Less Popular: Drugstore & Health Products and Food & Beverages are chosen by a quarter of online shoppers. Furniture & Household Goods and Household Appliances are somewhat less frequent choices. A very minor segment opts not to shop online.

The 2023 Statista Consumer Insights survey asked online shoppers in Saudi Arabia what product categories they have purchased in the past year.

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Online Shopping In Saudi Arabia

The survey results show that the most popular items among online shoppers in Saudi Arabia are Bags & Accessories (53%), followed by Books, Movies, Music & Games (45%), and Clothing (40%).

Top Categories for Online Shopping in Saudi Arabia, 2023

Consumer Electronics and Cosmetics & Body Care are tied, with both being bought by one third of online shoppers in the past year. DIY & Garden Products were purchased by 30% of shoppers.

Drugstore & Health Products were bought by one quarter of shoppers, the same percentage as for Food & Beverages. Furniture & Household Goods come next at 21%, and Household Appliances are at the end of our list at 20%.

Only 1% of participants stated they have not bought anything online.

Sources: Statista Consumer Insights