eCommerce: Furniture & Homeware Stores In Germany

Online Furniture Market in Germany: Top Stores

Germany's online furniture market is adapting to new consumer habits, offering a range of choices from Amazon to specialized stores. Who's standing out? Explore the key players and trends.

Article by Cihan Uzunoglu | November 30, 2023


Online Furniture Market in Germany: Key Insights

  • Top Players: In Germany's furniture and homeware online shopping world, big companies like and Ikea lead in sales, but smaller and specialized online stores also show good business potential.

  • Country Focus: The majority of these online stores, except for and, mainly focus on Germany for their eCommerce sales, with the U.S. being the top market for and

  • Main Categories: In this top 10 list of online stores, while furniture and homeware are key for many, electronics and fashion are also major categories, with leading in electronics and others like and focusing on fashion.

Germany's online market for furniture and homeware is changing in the light of the post-pandemic world we're facing. From big names like to specialized stores such as XXXLutz, the landscape is rich and varied. Along with the industry giants, mid-range and smaller retailers are showing they can compete, too.

And it's not just a German story — some of these online stores are making waves internationally. More and more people are going online to make their homes comfortable, and this change is reshaping the whole sector. So what are the inner workings of this dynamic market, and who are the key players rising to the top?

Top 10 Online Stores for Furniture & Homeware in Germany

The German furniture and homeware eCommerce sector is distinguished by a tiered and dynamic landscape. While a few dominant players wield significant market influence, middle-tier and lower-tier retailers also present noteworthy opportunities.

Top eCommerce Stores in the German Furniture & Homeware Market, 2022

In the top echelon, stands out with 2022 net sales of US$1.36 billion. is a close second with US$1.05 billion, followed by at US$859 million. These titans have carved out a significant lead over their competitors, showcasing the impact of both broad and specialized retail strategies. 

The middle market segment features,, and, each with net sales between US$205 and US$276 million made last year.

In the lower tier,,, and record net sales from US$120 million to US$154 million in 2022. Though smaller in scale, these companies affirm the commercial viability of specialized eCommerce platforms.

Main Categories and Countries of the Top Stores

Looking at the main countries of these online stores based on overall eCommerce net sales, it is Germany for almost all of them - with shares ranging from 16.9% to 100%. The only exceptions here are and Making up almost one fifth (19.6%) of its revenue, the United States is the main country for, and Germany comes in second with a close 15.3%. As for, the United States is also the main country with 50.3% share, while Germany has only 2.5% share.


While half of the top 10 online stores here have Furniture & Homeware as their main product category, Fashion and Electronics also find their way into the list. at the first spot has Electronics as its main category, making up more than a third (36.6%) of its revenues. While online stores such as,,, and have Furniture & Homeware as their main product category,,, and make majority of their net sales in the Fashion category.