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Top 3 Online Marketplaces in Germany: Amazon Ranks First

What are the three top online marketplace by GMV in the German eCommerce market? ECDB has the answer.

Article by Cihan Uzunoglu | May 13, 2024


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German Online Marketplaces: Key Insights

  • Unchanged First Spot: maintains its leading position in German eCommerce, surpassing a GMV of US$50 billion in 2023.

  • Second and Third Ranks Fall Behind: and follow Amazon in the top 3 ranking of online marketplaces in Germany, but the marketplace activity measured on these platforms does not nearly reach what Amazon generates.

Germany is the second largest market for eCommerce in Europe, with revenues of over US$113 billion in 2023. Who is taking the lead in German eCommerce? ECDB data has the answer.

Top German Online Marketplaces: GMV on Reached US$56 Billion in 2023

Amazon's outstanding position in most European markets is no different in Germany, where the eCommerce giant has been ranking first for years.

GMV, which measures the value of marketplace transactions in a given time frame, is US$56.3 billion for Amazon in Germany.


With a GMV of US$56.3 billion in 2023, Amazon maintains its position as the leading eCommerce platform in Germany. Its dominance in the market is strong, solidifying its position as the go-to destination for online shopping among German consumers.


Despite ranking second, falls far behind Amazon with a GMV of US$9.9 billion in 2023. While it remains a significant player in the German eCommerce world, its market share and revenue pale in comparison to Amazon's figures.

3. secures the third position in the German eCommerce market, boasting a GMV of US$7.9 billion in 2023. Although trailing behind Amazon and Ebay, Otto's growth by 3.9% showcases its resilience and potential impact in the industry, especially considering its broader presence beyond its online platform.

GMV of the Top Three Marketplaces in Germany in 2022

Considering Otto's presence in German eCommerce through its investor relations, this expectedly increases Otto's impact beyond the domain.

FAQ: Top 3 Online Marketplaces in Germany

What is an Online Marketplace? 

An online marketplace is a digital platform that allows sellers to promote and distribute their products, offering a virtual space for customers and brands to interact. By participating on marketplaces, brands can broaden their reach to a larger audience without necessarily having an own eCommerce website. 

Which German Online Marketplaces exist? 

There are numerous online marketplaces in Germany beyond the mentioned,, and Other examples include,, and

Which German Online Marketplaces have the highest GMV? generated the highest gross merchandise value (GMV) of any online marketplace in Germany in 2023, exceeding US$56 billion.