Global eCommerce Logistics Worth €771bn by 2026

March 29, 2023


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Convenient shipping is one of the most decisive factors in the eCommerce customer journey. In a fast-paced world where people shop on the go on their smartphones, via apps, websites or directly on social media, a fast, direct and problem-free delivery process matters to customers. With 66% of Germans stating that direct delivery to their home is a good reason to buy an item online, direct shipping is the most important eCommerce driver in Germany, according to the latest update of the Statista Global Consumer Survey from Q4 2022. Other drivers like cheap prices or the fact that online shopping is available around the clock reach lower percentages. At the same time, peoples’ online shopping frequency and also their return rates keep growing, according to the same source. While in 2019, 47% of Germans stated that they had returned online orders in the 12 months prior to the survey, the share rose gradually to 55% in 2022. The developments in other countries like the United States, the UK or China are comparable. No wonder, thus, that global logistics have to fulfill ever greater demands from eCommerce, with a surging revenue potential:

Global eCommerce logistics worth US$771bn by 2026_final

According to Transport Intelligence, global eCommerce logistics revenues amounted to €441 billion in 2021. Although this was a slowdown in year-on-year growth compared to 2020, when the global eCommerce logistics market had surged due to a pronounced corona effect, the 20% rise between 2020 and 2021 was still considerable, given the comprehensively lifted lockdowns and severe global supply chain issues in 2021. And the global eCommerce logistics market is forecast to grow further. Following a 13.1% CAGR, revenues are expected to break the €500 billion barrier by 2023. By 2026, Transport Intelligence expects global revenues from eCommerce logistics to amount to €771 billion. The global market is mainly driven by the highly industrialized regions: Asia-Pacific, North America, and Europe. Together, the three regions represent more than 95% of global eCommerce logistics revenues, according to the source, with Asia-Pacific currently being the strongest region. However, North America is catching up with a CAGR above the average and is likely to overtake Asia-Pacific by 2026 as the region generating the highest revenues from eCommerce logistics globally.