Hobby & Leisure market in Italy

Market development

eCommerce revenue development in the Toys market in Italy

The Italian Toys eCommerce market is predicted to reach US$960.1 million by 2024 and accounts for 9.0% of the Hobby & Leisure eCommerce market in Italy. It is expected to increase over the next years. The expected compound annual growth rate for the next four years (CAGR 2024-2028) will be 13.3%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$1,579.4 million by 2028. The Toys eCommerce market is a sub-market of the Hobby & Leisure market. Further categories within the Hobby & Leisure market are: Bullion & Precious Metal, Camping & Adventure, Erotic & Adult, Flowers & Gifts, Media, Musical Instruments, Other Hobby & Leisure, Pet Supplies, Smoking Supplies, Sports Equipment, and Stationery, Crafts & Art Supplies.

eCommerce revenue development in the Toys market in Italy

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eCommerce revenue growth in the Toys market in Italy

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Net eCommerce revenue split by sub-category

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Revenue (in mUS$)
Growth (in %)10.534.971.63.311.463.10.334.5

Online share

eCommerce online share of the total Toys market in Italy

The online share refers to the proportion of the retail volume that is transacted via the Internet. It includes purchases via desktop PC, tablet or smartphone, both via website or app. Only retail of physical goods is taken into account. In the Italian Toys retail market, the online share is 11.4% and will increase by an average of 11.3% to 17.5% by 2028.

eCommerce online share of the total Toys market in Italy

in %
Online share (in %)20.1%59.5%9.3%5.4%57.1%41.2%27.1%42.3%

Top stores

Top five Toys online stores in Italy by net sales 2023

With sales in the Italian Toys market, amazon.it generated a revenue of US$198.0 million in 2023, which means it is the leading online store in this market. The Toys ranking of Italy is based on all online stores that generated sales in this market in 2023. Due to a country- and category-dependent approach, both national and international online stores can be part of the ranking. The graph shows a filtered revenue. It only includes national sales within the respective market.

eCommerce net sales generated in the Toys market in Italy in 2023

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Global revenue

Market definition

Definition of the Toys market within the Hobby & Leisure market

Market definition: Hobby & Leisure > Toys In the category Toys digital channels are used to sell a variety of products, including baby and toddler toys (e.g. cuddly toys, rattles) and games (e.g. board games, card games). Not part of the category are video games and collectibles. All monetary figures refer to the annual gross revenue and do not factor in shipping costs.


  • Baby and toddler toys (e.g. cuddly toys, rattles)
  • Games (e.g. board games, card games)


  • Video Games
  • Collectibles