eCommerce: Key Performance Indicators

Amazon GMV: Top Domains & Fastest Growing Markets

Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the West. As the ecommerce giant spreads its operations across multiple domains around the world, this insight shows which of these domains generate the highest transactions. In addition, a look at the highest growth per market provides a further understanding of Amazon's potential in the coming years.

January 22, 2024


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Amazon GMV: Key Insights

  • Amazon's GMV Approached US$700 Billion in 2022: The gross merchandise volume of transactions on Amazon's online marketplace serves as an indicator of how much trade its eCommerce platform manages globally.

  • Is the Largest Domain by GMV: The .com domain stands out as the highest grossing domain. It accounts for 52% of the total GMV generated by all 22 Amazon domains.

  • Middle Eastern, Latin American, and Australian Domains Lead Growth: As Amazon continues to expand its global network, some of the newer domains are observing significant year-over-year transaction growth, while others are seeing advantages from investments in infrastructure and customer retention strategies.

With its 22 domains, Amazon caters to different markets and regional preferences. It also capitalizes on its unique position to access the first-party data generated by sellers on its marketplace.

A key metric for evaluating marketplace performance is GMV, or gross merchandise value. After a brief introduction, this article presents Amazon’s GMV across several domains. This includes showing the top domains by GMV in 2022, as well as the domains that have grown the fastest.

Amazon: What Is GMV and How Is It Calculated?

The gross merchandise value describes the total value of transactions generated on an online marketplace before discounts, advertising, and delivery. GMV thus calculates how much commerce has taken place on a platform and can be seen as a measure of business activity. 

The formula is as follows: GMV = Selling Price of Goods x Number of Goods Sold

It is important to understand that GMV is not the same as the revenue generated by a marketplace operator. Instead, providers deduct a fee for each transaction made on the platform, which is how they make a profit. 

But how much do specific domains contribute to Amazon's overall GMV?

Amazon Generated US$693 Billion in GMV Across All 22 Domains in 2022

Amazon's revenue streams are multifaceted and include transaction fees from its marketplace platform, sales of its own products as a retailer, and contributions from its extensive network. That includes cloud services, retail advertising markets, and subscription services for streaming as well as for faster delivery. 

While GMV does not reflect Amazon’s total profit from its role as a marketplace operator, the size of the transactions that take place in a given period helps us grasp the traffic that this platform manages.  

Overall, Amazon’s marketplace recorded a total GMV of around US$692.8 billion in 2022, which includes transactions on all 22 domains Amazon operates around the world. A breakdown shows that remains the most used domain, with a GMV of US$362.7 billion in 2022, representing 52% of Amazon's global GMV.

Amazon's Marketplace GMV Growth by Domains, 2022

Among the remaining top four domains, and have similar GMVs of US$64.9 billion and US$60.6 billion, respectively. Both represent roughly 9% of the total value. Close behind is with US$57.4 billion and a share of 8% of the total GMV. Fifth is with US$27.7 billion, representing 4% of the total GMV.  

Other domains collectively generate 17% of the total GMV, or US$119.5 billion in absolute terms. As Amazon continues to expand its marketplace into new geographies and markets, the growth of these new ventures will have an impact on the brand’s overall development. 

Below is a look at the top five Amazon domains with highest GMV growth rates and the factors that contributed to their exceptional performance.

Amazon Egypt's GMV in 2022 Quintupled From 2021 Level

In recent years, Amazon has entered several new markets, including Saudi Arabia in 2020 (, Poland ( and Egypt ( in 2021, and Belgium ( in 2022. Several of these new domains are among the top five by GMV growth rates from 2021 to 2022:

Amazon Domains with the Highest Growth Rates, 2021-22

Middle Eastern Domains' Performance Skyrockets After Amazon Acquisition

Amazon Egypt is the domain with the most impressive GMV growth rate, having generated more than five times its initial value from 2021. Similar to Saudi Arabia, Amazon acquired regional retailer, which operated in both Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Through this acquisition, Amazon gained insight into regional consumer preferences and market structure. This provided the retail giant with a stronger foothold as the purchasing process changed little for customers, who were able to keep their existing accounts, payment methods, and services after the takeover. 

Leveraging Existing Infrastructure in Poland

Another new domain with a staggering GMV growth from 2021 to 2022 is Amazon’s Polish domain,, at 143%. 

What facilitated Amazon’s entry into this market is the existing infrastructure, including about 10 fulfillment centers that were already operating in Poland before Amazon launched its Polish domain. 

Prior to the launch, consumers in Poland had to order their packages from Amazon across borders, mostly through the German domain, which offered the option to navigate and purchase in Polish, but the launch of has now streamlined this process and provides a localized experience tailored to the Polish market.

Infrastructure and Distribution: Investments in Australia and Brazil Drive GMV Growth

Amazon’s Australian and Brazilian domains are not particularly new, yet they rank fourth and fifth in GMV growth from 2021 to 2022. This is because Amazon has invested heavily in its distribution facilities and infrastructure in both markets in recent years, attracting more customers to the site with the promise of next-day delivery and an ever-expanding product selection. 

Barriers to Amazon’s reach in these markets include both intense competition and structural impediments such as insufficient eCommerce penetration and infrastructure. With subsequent investments, Amazon strengthened its position in the markets, inviting more retailers to add their product offerings to the marketplace, and attracting more customers with the promise of greater convenience and choice.

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Amazon GMV Growth: Closing Remarks

Amazon's dominance as a Western retailer is represented by its $693 billion GMV across all 22 domains in 2022. The article provided a more general definition, and how Amazon is leveraging its global presence and infrastructure investments to ensure continued growth, particularly in emerging markets like Egypt and Poland.

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GMV on Amazon: FAQs

What is GMV on Amazon?

Gross merchandise volume (GMV) on Amazon refers to the total value of all sales made through the Amazon platform over a certain time period. This includes the price paid for goods by consumers before any deductions for fees, discounts, or returns. GMV is a significant metric in eCommerce as it helps in understanding the scale of transactions and the marketplace's health and growth.

What companies have the highest GMV?

Companies with the highest GMV are typically large eCommerce platforms. As of 2023, Amazon ranks highly, given its extensive global presence and diverse product range. Alibaba Group holds one of the top spots, primarily due to its massive sales during events like Singles' Day. Other notable companies include mainly Chinese online platforms, each commanding significant shares in the global eCommerce market.

What is the largest eCommerce platform by GMV?

Based on the latest ECDB data, Amazon is recognized as the largest eCommerce platform by Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV), with a reported GMV of approximately US$693 billion.

Is GMV same as revenue?

No, GMV is not the same as revenue. Gross merchandise volume measures the total value of transactions on a platform, while revenue is the actual income a company earns from its core operations.

Does Amazon report GMV?

Certainly. Amazon does report GMV, which is an important metric for understanding the scale and activity on its platform. However, it's important to note that Amazon may not disclose GMV in its financial statements but may provide this information in other reports or presentations to investors and analysts for a more comprehensive view of its business performance.

What is the difference between total sales and GMV?

The difference between total sales and GMV is that total sales represent the actual revenue a company earns from its core operations, while GMV includes the total value of all transactions on a platform, encompassing fees, taxes, and shipping costs. GMV is a broader measure of economic activity, whereas total sales focus solely on a company's income from its primary business activities.

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