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“E-Commerce Market Germany 2023”: The Top Providers for Shop Software and Email Marketing Services

Our annual partnership with the EHI Retail Institute has produced this year’s report “E-Commerce Market Germany”. Today we unveil our findings on the top three preferred shop software and email service providers among Germany’s top 1,000 online stores.

Article by Nadine Koutsou-Wehling | October 24, 2023


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Both the choice of shop software and email service providers influence how an eCommerce business presents itself to customers. Quality shop software ensures a user-friendly interface and smooth transaction process, while an effective email service provider helps deliver timely and relevant communications to customers. 

To give you an idea of what our study “E-Commerce Market Germany 2023” has to say about these two factors, we offer you the three most used providers for shop software and email marketing services, according to the top 1,000 online stores in Germany. Without further ado, let’s look at the results.

Shopware Is the Leading Shop Software Provider in Germany

While our report “E-Commerce Market Germany 2023” lists the top 20 shop software providers used by online shops in Germany, we present the top three rankings below.

Top 3 Shop Software Providers Among Top 1,000 Online Stores in Germany

In first place is Shopware, used by 12.2% of the top 1,000 online stores in Germany. Magento follows with 9.4% and Salesforce Commerce Cloud comes in third with 6.3%. 

If you are interested in the other rankings, including a comparison to last year’s results, you can download the study here

Another aspect of the report is the ranking of the most popular email marketing service providers. As with the previous feature, we introduce the top three rankings in this insight.

Almost 20% of the Top 1,000 Online Shops in Germany Use SAP Emarsys

An email service provider ensures that communication between a company and its customers is maintained, adding features such as personalized relevance, quality correspondence and response analysis to the mix. Not only can this increase customer retention and brand loyalty, but it also allows businesses to see which campaigns have been successful with which segment of the customer base.

Top 3 Email Service Providers Among Top 1,000 Online Stores in Germany

Among the most popular providers of this service in German eCommerce, SAP Emarsys emerges as the clear leader, with 19.2% of online shops using the brand for their email marketing. Salesforce Marketing Cloud comes in second with 10.3%. Finally, Brevo ranks third with a share of 5.4%.

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