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Popularity of social networks among German eCommerce

Did recent data scandals have an effect on the popularity of social networks among the top 1,000 online stores in Germany? more

Another country has joined the ecommerceDB ranking

Who is the market leader in Ireland, do they make use of cross-border-sales and what is their main category? more

The top 10 online stores in Germany

Who is the market leader in Germany and are we facing newcomers within the top 10 ranking? more

The top 5 online stores in Spain

Is able to maintain first place or is a rising star taking over? We are taking a look at the top 5 online store in Spain: more

Portugal joined the Ranking on

Who is the market leader in Portugal, does he make use of cross-border-sales and what is his main category? more

The revenue development of the top 100 Germany

The top 100 online stores in Germany generated over EUR30.5bn in net sales in 2017. more

The top 6 online mattress stores in Germany

Is still the market leader or has another online store taken the position? more

The top 10 online pharmacies in Germany

In total, the top 10 online pharmacies generated over EUR1.4bn in 2017 in Germany. more

Mobile Shopping – the typical user

Who is the average mobile shopper and which devices do they use? Questions that will be answered in the following. more