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2017 revenue KPIs at a glance

With our recent website update, we also updated the current-frontend-year to 2017. In the following we will guide you through the changes. more

Electronics & Media – a global comparison

Total retail sales of consumer electronics via all channels fell by 3 percent in 2016. A decline for the fourth consecutive year. more

On- or offline? eCommerce meets Fashion

Many clothing and clothing accessories stores have invested early in their own online shops – do the consumers make use of this opportunity? more

Digital Payments in eCommerce

Digital payments, also known as non-cash transactions, are growing globally. But how do the major regions perform? more

Revolution in clothing industry?

There is hardly any segment which has been as quickly and profoundly disrupted by online trade as the clothing industry. more

Newsletters and the role of the receivers’ age

Almost 90 percent of onliners receive newsletters on a regular basis. 9 out of 10 of these mailings contain advertisements. more

Image and potential of online pharmacies

The reputation of online pharmacies and drug mail order businesses is not globally equal. On comparing the US with Germany, for example, you will notice significant differences. more

The Electronics & Media eCommerce market

Product ratings and a comprehensive overview – benefits that underline the position of one of the biggest eCommerce segments. more

Detailed market insights just one click away

Searching for the top 10 online stores in Austria, France or the U.S.? Analyzing the global fashion online market? more