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Portugal joined the Ranking on

Who is the market leader in Portugal, does he make use of cross-border-sales and what is his main category? more

Mobile Shopping – the typical user

Who is the average mobile shopper and which devices do they use? Questions that will be answered in the following. more

Online Food Shopping – a closer look

Which countries have the highest shares of online food shoppers and what do they purchase? more

How do consumer choose a distribution channel?

A general question that we are putting into the context of online fashion shopping. more

The U.S. eCommerce study 2018

Who is the leading online shop in the U.S. fashion segment? What is the most popular payment method? more

Consumer behavior and the role of user-accounts

New shops face great hurdles to become part of users’ relevant sets. Do user accounts help? more

The age of second-hand consumers

Who buys the most re-commerce items and where are the items bought? more

The online pharmacy consumer

Online drug retailers’ better prices in particular attract consumers – but how does the typical consumer look like? more

Traditional retail segments going online

Regular players transitioning from offline- to online distribution and online-only retailer entering the market more