eCommerce: Top Stores in Europe

Top Online Stores in Europe 2023: Key Players, Net Sales & Market Share

Dive into the fierce competition among the 20 leading online shops in Europe. Amazon's platforms in Germany and the UK are out in front, with other big names not far behind. We take a look at the main competitors, their total sales, and how much of the online shopping world they each control.

Article by Cihan Uzunoglu | February 22, 2024


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Top 20 Online Stores in Europe: Key Insights

  • Amazon's Dominance:

    Amazon's German and UK stores lead Europe's top 20 online retailers, with a significant share of net sales, highlighting their major role in the eCommerce landscape.

  • Global Variety:

    The top 20 online stores in Europe feature companies from the U.S., UK, Sweden, Germany, Turkey, and China, showing a diverse international presence.

  • Competitive Landscape:

    Despite Amazon's strong position, there is a wide range of other retailers with notable market shares, indicating potential for competition and growth within the sector.

Amazon's stores in Germany and the UK are front runners among Europe's top 20 online retailers. Yet, there's notable room for rivalry among other leading eCommerce sites. 

Understanding the European online shopping market requires a deep dive into the performance of its main competitors. Here's a detailed analysis of the top 20 online stores and their individual market shares.

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Amazon Stores Dominate in Europe  

Among the top 20 online stores in Europe, comes on top with net sales of US$17.13 billion in 2023. The online store captures a significant 13.1% share in the top 20 online stores in Europe, while holding an impressive 9.5% share in the larger scope of the top 50 online stores.

Close behind is, with net sales of US$15.04 billion and a 11.5% share in the top 20, accounting for 8.4% of the top 50 market in Europe. Along with three other stores (.es, .fr, .it) on the list, Amazon stores in Europe's top 20 online shops account for nearly 40% of net sales.

Top 20 Online Stores in Europe by eCommerce Net Sales, 2023 ranks third with US$9.27 billion in net sales, representing a 7.1% share in the top 20 and 5.2% share in the top 50. The fourth position is occupied by, claiming similar top 20 and 50 shares to's, with US$9.26 billion in net sales. follows with net sales of US$7.28 billion, maintaining a 5.6% share in the top 20 and 4.1% in the top 50. comes next, recording US$7.16 billion in net sales and a 5.5% share in the top 20 online stores. While follows closely with US$7.08,,,, and are not too far with 2023 net sales ranging from US$5.53 to US$5.68 billion. 


The rest of the players,,,,,,, and have net sales between US$2.94 billion and US$5.13 billion. Their share in the top 20 online stores in Europe varies between 3.9% and 2.3%.

In terms of market share in the larger landscape of the top 50 online stores in Europe, most top 20 players hold a share varying between 4.1% and 1.6%.

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Top Online Stores in Europe Originate from Different Countries 

When examining the top 20 online stores in Europe, it becomes evident that the landscape is predominantly influenced by companies hailing from a select number of countries.

  • American technology giants have a strong foothold, notably with Amazon variants (.de, .uk, .es, .fr, .it) and Apple making the list. They are accompanied by Nike, another U.S. based retail giant.

  • United Kingdom firms also maintain a strong presence, with supermarkets Sainsbury's, Tesco, and Asda, as well as Argos, Ocado, and ASOS representing the retail diversity of the country.

  • Sweden contributes with IKEA and H&M, both of which have broad international reach.

  • In addition, Otto from Germany, Trendyol from Turkey, and Shein from China round out the list, each representing the eCommerce strength of their respective countries.

This mix reflects not only regional powerhouses but also the global scope of online retail in Europe.

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