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Get an overview of all the important facts about the eCommerce market you are interested in. Understand the different market sizes worldwide, see how the markets are developing and identify the top online stores in each market.

  • Insights on market volumes and forecasts
  • Top online stores and market shares
  • Detailed KPIs, e.g. AOV and conversion rate
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Market insights

Explore global eCommerce markets

We provide insights into all the important eCommerce markets across the globe. Whether you would like to have a global overview or look at a specific category like Fashion or Electronics & Media you can also start with a specific country, we have all the facts and figures.

Major Markets

Easily access the market of your interest. Our platform covers all major markets in the global eCommerce industry.


Our data & modelling approach

Data coverage

Data refers to B2C enterprises. Figures are based on the sale of physical goods via digital channels to a private end consumer. The following are not included: digitally distributed services, digital media, B2B, and the digital purchase or resale of used, defective, or repaired goods.

Modelling approach

Market sizes are estimated by using a top-down and bottom-up approach, combining financial reports, surveys, consumer data, key market indicators, and country-specific data (e.g. GDP, internet penetration).


Forecasts are made by using various techniques tailored to market behavior, e.g. S-curve function and exponential trend smoothing. Drivers include GDP per capita, consumer spending per capita, internet penetration, and population.

Countries & Categories

Broad coverage regarding categories and regional scope

Our market insights encompass five major markets analyzed in depth with approximately 250 sub-markets. The data is displayed for 150+ countries.

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